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CryspIQYour Enterprise AI Data Foundation delivered with speed and accuracy.

Enabling your business to become Data Driven

Prepare your data foundation

Prepare your data foundation

Establish a standardised Data Foundation for your Enterprise AI. Provide your AI models with the depth needed for accurate predictions.

Reduce manual effort

Reduce manual effort

Reduce manual efforts required for discovery, interpreting and cleaning Data. Make it easy to add new sources or extra fields as needed.

Make data easy

Make data easy

Make it easy to find, access and use your data. Secure the required data to protect your business. Reduce reliance on specialist data skillsets.

Plans to suit your business



AUD per month

Good for self employed or new businesses with a small number of users.

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AUD per month

Good mid-sized or growing small businesses with a growing base of users.

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Price On Application

Good for established or more complex businesses that need unlimited users.

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Cryspiq Non Technical

Designed to be used by everyone

Imagine a machine that effortlessly sorts your coins, making them easy to identify You pour all your change in one end and the machine will separate them into the correct piles. CryspIQ does this for data in any form – it sorts, highlights poor quality and organises your data, making it easy to find, use and deliver your insights. Say goodbye to digging through jumbled data.

CryspIQ makes it ready for you to find and use. (… in one simple step.).

Loved by your Data Science teams

CryspIQ is a data preparation and collection engine that removes the subjectivity around interpretation, automatically models your data based on a mapping, and makes it ready for use. It looks at data from a fresh perspective and makes the preparation process simple, fast and easy to understand. Say goodbye to the manual effort of preparing and cleaning your data before you can start using it.

CryspIQ has prepared, organised and checked the quality of your data.

Cryspiq Data Science

CryspIQ partners are:


Our partners are growing in preparation fpr our global rollout. If you are interested in partnering with us, please make contact.