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CryspIQTransform your Business to become AI ready.

When you use CryspIQ, Costs go Down, Revenue goes Up and Data is Simple.

Apply the Method

Apply the Method

Deconstruct the source messages to allow the storage of the incoming data.

Map your Data

Map your Data

Map your data into our patented Enterprise Data Model making it ready to use.

Use and Analyse

Use and Analyse

Ask questions of your data using Natural Language to find actionable insights.

How do you prepare your Data for AI?

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A google search provides - "steps in data preparation typically include data collection, data cleaning (removing inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and duplicates), data integration (combining data from different sources), data transformation (converting data into a suitable format for the AI model), and data reduction (removing irrelevant data)."

When you use CryspIQ, you collect and integrate all of your Data into single Data Model which provides complete control of your Data. You can implement the transform methods, add further contextual metadata, apply security levels and enforce Data Quality rules to improve your results.

Fast-track your AI journey, Implement CryspIQ to take Control.

Thinking of a Data Lakehouse?

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Are you ingesting all the Data from source systems into a Data Lake or Data Warehouse? Does your business struggle to identify the Data which is useful? Are you struggling to find the right Data specialists for your project? Are you changing the method used, will the results be any different? Consider this.

With CryspIQ, we offer you something different, which is an integrated Enterprise Data Platform that can be used by your business within 3 months. It delivers measurable value to your business by removing irrelevant Data, increasing productivity and reducing the dependency on specialist skills. (Data Modellers are not required)

Remove the Irrelevant Data, Increase Speed to Value and Reduce the Costs of Specialist Skillsets.

Check it out in the intro video

Plans to suit your business



AUD per month

Good for self employed or new businesses with a small number of users.

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AUD per month

Good mid-sized or growing small businesses with a growing base of users.

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Price On Application

Good for established or more complex businesses that need unlimited users.

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