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CryspIQBuild Confidence in your Data, get the Right answer Every time.

Enabling your business to become Data Driven

Data Quality

Data Quality

Protect your business from poor Data Quality. Build your own Data Quality rules and monitor sources.

Universal Context

Universal Context

Use our patented Enterprise Data Model to collect your Data. Reduce noise and leverage a solid Data Foundation for your Enterprise AI.

Natural Language

Natural Language

Use Natural Language to ask the questions of your Data. Re-use existing questions and save queries for others to use.

Plans to suit your business



AUD per month

Good for self employed or new businesses with a small number of users.

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AUD per month

Good mid-sized or growing small businesses with a growing base of users.

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Price On Application

Good for established or more complex businesses that need unlimited users.

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Is your Business ready for AI?

According to Gartner - "Businesses that adopt AI engineering practices to build and manage adaptive AI systems will outperform their peers by at least 25%." This requires your business to have a solid Data Foundation for your generative AI to be intelligent and provide quality outputs. Your Data Foundation must measure data quality, remove the noise and enrich your data.

CryspIQ provides this Data Foundation layer for your AI journey by standardising your data, enriching it with business context and providing automated quality control.

Cryspiq Data Science
Cryspiq Non Technical

What problems does CryspIQ resolve?

Imagine a machine that effortlessly sorts your coins, making them easy to identify You pour all your change in one end and the machine will separate them into the correct piles. CryspIQ does this for data in any form – it sorts, highlights poor quality and organises your data, making it easy to find, use and deliver your insights. Say goodbye to digging through disorganised and jumbled data.

CryspIQ has meticulously prepared your data and made it ready for you to use. (… in one simple step).

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